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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One-Eyed Jack!

Limited Edition Halloween Cover colors for Issue #2

Issue 2 page 3 Inks

The glorious first page of Issue 2 now available at

This is the second or third revision that Jon Castaneda settled on for the 1st Issue's Cover.

It's been many moons since we updated this ole' blog here but we'll try to stay on top of giving you behind the scenes goodies and updates.

Our very own Jon Castaneda is still hard at work on creating One-Eyed Jack! number 3. Issues 1 and 2 are in the bag and available for order here:

He's the Erik Larsen of our group, doing the writing, penciling, inking and coloring. I's nice to see the art at these seperate stages. Jon, says that things are about to hit the fan with Issue #3, so pick up issues 1 and 2 to get up to speed. The writing is excellent and the art grows by leaps with every panel.

If you aren't reading this book, you don't know, JACK!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Photos from May's Meeting.......

Hugo, Justin, Rudy, Jessica, Joey Lee, and Jon!

Hugo and Justin,.....Editing?

Coffee Stain!!!

Don't worry, we wouldn't sell you that copy after this,.......would we?

Hugo Cantu, thinking of more ways to incorporate sexy rodents into comics.

Coffee, Candor, and Comics.

Jessica Aguilar, workin it!

Hugo Cantu, Justin Carmona, Rudy Vasquez, Jessica Aguilar, Joey Lee Cabral, Jon Castaneda

Juan Muro! Listening, or pretending to be....

Jon Castaneda

Joey Lee Cabral

After our successful Free Comic Book Day, third year running as Project 4 we decided to regroup and talk about the future. We try to meet as often as possible to discuss what direction we're taking the studio and how to implement the plans we already have in motion.

We discussed, the upcoming Anime Con,...Cons in general, our Fusion X stories and how we can incorporate more variety into our books.

After all that nonsense was over we joined hands and sang a karaoke version of "We are the world" to celebrate the local comic scene, while high on caffeine and pastries.

Members present: Hugo Cantu, Justin J. Carmona, Rudy Vasquez, Juan Muro, Jessica Aguilar, Joey Lee Cabral, and Jon Castaneda.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Fusion X gets going...

Interior page from the short story LAST GOODBYE written by Justin Jude Carmona art by Gabe Martinez

As you may or may not already know, Project 4 released FUSION X #1 last summer. There have been some changes within our studio and due to this we are re-releasing Fusion X#1 in a remastered format. In addition; to this because of new recruits in our studio we are hard at work at simultaneously producing Fusion X #2 and 3.

Keep an eye on this blog for peaks at the upcoming work, like the above page from the Gabe, which will grace a short story in one of the next Fusion X's.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Welcome to Project 4 Publishing's first behind the scenes post! This is where you'll check out what we're up to before books are actually published. You'll catch glimpses of works in progress, pre-production artwork or peeps into the minds of our creators and writers.

Keep in mind that what you'll find here is not a solicitation or promotion but a peek at what MIGHT be produced. Although, we typically don't like to start work on things that won't see the light of day. We try to properly plan our stuff so you get the best of what we have to offer.

We are hard at work on the next couple of FUSION X Anthology issues as well as planning a super-hero mini series that sees the collaboration of our entire stable of artists and creators. So, strap in and check on this blog every so often to see what we've got coming!!

Above are tentative designs for our upcoming Super-Hero mini-series ABSOLUTE expected release-late 2008