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Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Photos from May's Meeting.......

Hugo, Justin, Rudy, Jessica, Joey Lee, and Jon!

Hugo and Justin,.....Editing?

Coffee Stain!!!

Don't worry, we wouldn't sell you that copy after this,.......would we?

Hugo Cantu, thinking of more ways to incorporate sexy rodents into comics.

Coffee, Candor, and Comics.

Jessica Aguilar, workin it!

Hugo Cantu, Justin Carmona, Rudy Vasquez, Jessica Aguilar, Joey Lee Cabral, Jon Castaneda

Juan Muro! Listening, or pretending to be....

Jon Castaneda

Joey Lee Cabral

After our successful Free Comic Book Day, third year running as Project 4 we decided to regroup and talk about the future. We try to meet as often as possible to discuss what direction we're taking the studio and how to implement the plans we already have in motion.

We discussed, the upcoming Anime Con,...Cons in general, our Fusion X stories and how we can incorporate more variety into our books.

After all that nonsense was over we joined hands and sang a karaoke version of "We are the world" to celebrate the local comic scene, while high on caffeine and pastries.

Members present: Hugo Cantu, Justin J. Carmona, Rudy Vasquez, Juan Muro, Jessica Aguilar, Joey Lee Cabral, and Jon Castaneda.